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We've Upgraded The Slideshow!

new property site slideshow We're thrilled to announce the complete overhaul and redesign of our slideshow for our websites! Now, in addition to looking great, we've added Ken Burns panning and zooming (makes slideshows look more like a movie), plus the option for fullscreen viewing and lots of flexibility for the future. Learn more about our New Slideshow

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iPad Plus Single Property Websites

sponsor plan free single property websites By now most people have heard of the real estate iPad. Here are just a few ways to use the iPad to promote your listings and your services:

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New Plan: Sponsor Program

sponsor plan free single property websites Are you an insurance agent, mortgage broker, or other professional trying to do market your services to real estate agents? Our new sponsor program lets you offer real estate agents free single property websites, sponsored by you with your information. One low monthly cost lets you sponsor up to 30 agents! Learn more about our Sponsor Program

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New Feature: Multiple Photo Uploading

multiple photo uploading to property website We're excited to announce completion of one of of our most requested features: Multiple photo uploads for all websites! Now, instead of having to upload photos individually to your single property websites, you can press the ctrl key (or hold down shift) when browsing your photos to upload all of them at once. You'll be able to view the upload status for all your photos, and the entire upload process should only take a few seconds.

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New Feature: Easy Email Flyer Templates

email single property websites flyer We're very excited about our newest feature: Now you can easily email yourself or anyone else a great looking email flyer of your single property website! Email it to yourself, then you can easily forward it to your mailing lists. Or, email it to anyone right from My Single Property Websites.

As always, this and all future upgrades are free for our customers.

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New Features: Facebook, Sign Riders, Drag & Drop Photos...

single property website news It's been a while since our last update, but there have been a lot of new improvements since then. Some of the highlights include:

Sign Riders, Custom Domains, Drag and Drop Photo Sorting, Facebook Templates for your websites, and more!

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Single Property Websites Work Great For Rentals

single property websites for rentals Single property websites have surged in popularity as more and more aspects of real estate migrate online.

But single property websites can be used for more than just selling a property. Because our low $9 monthly subscription gives you unlimited property sites, they're a great choice for rentals too.

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Online Real Estate Disclosures Made Easy

real estate sellers want in realtor There’s been a lot of talk lately about storing stuff in the “cloud”. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means that instead of storing files on your local computer, you post them online, where they’re stored on a server.

Now, there's a simple, free way to store and share your real estate disclosures online: Full Disclosure: Online Real Estate Disclosures

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How To Post Your Listings To Facebook

real estate facebook Posting your real estate listing to Facebook is surprisingly easy, yet many agents are unaware how simple it is..

In this article, show you how to post your link from just about any website to facebook, in about three steps.

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Anatomy of A Virtual Real Estate Brokerage: Pt 2

virtual real estate brokerage Part two in our series on virtual real estate brokerages goes more in depth.

In this article, we cover setting up a company intranet, choosing an email service provider, picking a customer relationship management tool (CRM), and selecting an IDX. While that sounds like a ton of work, many new startups offer web based products that make it easy!

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Anatomy of A Virtual Real Estate Brokerage: Pt 1

real estate google apps When it comes to entrepreneurial creativity, there’s no limit to the ways a broker could go about setting up a virtual real estate brokerage. The trick, as always, is balancing cost with productivity gains to give your agents the most value.

The good news, if you haven’t heard, is that business applications are now moving to the “cloud”, which means that software and data are moving fully online. What’s this mean to you as a broker? It means no installation, no costly hardware, automatic updates, and less of a need than ever for an IT person. In short, it means saving money.

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Using Twitter in Real Estate

twitter real estate

What is it:

Twitter is basically a miniature cellphone-based blog, where you send text messages to your followers answering the question "What are you doing right now?" You also follow others, and you can read their "tweets" (messages they send) from your cellphone or online.

Why do I need it:

If you have a blog, then you already know that blogging helps you reach more people, build relationships with them, and keep your finger on the pulse of your market. Twitter does the same thing, but lets you build even closer relationships with your followers, and if you follow other agents you'll always be instantly up to date on market happenings. And let's face it: real estate agents live on gossip. Think of Twitter as those 15 minutes you spend chatting before your company meeting, but available 24/7 and without the bad coffee.

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What Real Estate Sellers Want

what real estate sellers want The National Association of Realtors has graciously offered all Realtors a free download of their 2008 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, and I've spent some time reviewing the information and merging it with my own experiences from the past year. Below are some great highlights from the NAR Profile, along with thoughts and suggestions from Michael at My Single Property Websites.

In the section regarding sellers there were three major themes in 2008:

  • When it comes to home marketing methods, the "basics" are being turned upside down. What are the "new basics"?
  • What sellers want most: the four "biggies" you have to focus on.
  • 33% of sellers contacted more than one agent. How can you beat the increasing competition?
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The New FHA Credit Standards

fha credit standards According to the FHA Credit Standards article in the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Housing Agency will fall short of it’s legally required 2% reserves by the end of this month. Unfortunately, this means they need to tighten their credit standards to increase their reserves.

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