Online Real Estate Disclosures Made Easy

A new, free web app makes uploading and sharing your real estate disclosures free and easy.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about storing stuff in the “cloud”. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means that instead of storing files on your local computer, you post them online, where they’re stored on a server.

The advantages are that your files are accessible anywhere, from any computer, and they’re still safe even if something happens to your local computer.

One area this is really useful for is real estate disclosures. Some agents store real estate disclosures in the MLS, but there are still many agents who are needlessly printing out paper copies that cost money and waste trees.

As a side project, we’ve been working on a solution and have just finished it. Presenting...

Full Disclosure: Free Online Real Estate Disclosures Storage

You can easily upload your disclosures, and because buyers and their agents need to sign in before downloading, you can control who has access to your disclosures and also track views (coming soon).

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You can upload as many disclosures as you want, and they’re all stored on servers hosted by Amazon (yep, the same that sells books and everything else). And if you have any feedback after using Full Disclosure, we’re all ears: the goal is to make it the easiest and most useful online real estate disclosure option out there.

Hopefully, we’ll do our small part in gently nudging those paper printing agents into the future!

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