5 Tips for Making an Effective Single Property Website

A few helpful tips for making the most of your single property websites...

Tip #1: Use Professional Photos.

On the internet, property photos are king. In fact, photos are one of top 5 features buyers want from your real estate website. They are the main thing potential buyers look at, and the more photos the better. That's exactly why we've designed property photos to be the centerpiece of our single property websites. But that's also why it's so important to use professional photos.

Professional photographers use special lenses to capture more of the room, and they use advanced editing techniques so you can see both the interior and out of the windows clearly. Ever taken an interior photo yourself only to find the interior is super dark or that the view out the windows is totally washed out and too bright?

Professional photographers actually take two photos at different settings, then combine them so the light is perfectly balanced. We're building a resource list of professional photographers in different areas, so please contact us if you'd like to be included.

Single Property Websites

Tip #2: Don't Skimp on the Description.

While you're probably used to using your local MLS which limits your property description length, take advantage of the unlimited space with your single property websites. Consider painting a picture with words and walking a potential buyer through the house as if they were touring it in person. Even buyers who've already seen the house in person may have slogged through a dozen that day, and sometimes even the most minor detail can jog their memory and make all the difference. One client of mine only remembered a listing she had seen because I reminded her it had a special "doggy-sized" room!

Tip #3: Don't Overuse Abbreviations/ "Realtor-Speak"

Those same limits mentioned above in the MLS and in most print ads have led many agents to adopt abbreviation-laden "Realtor-Speak". While you may know what a 1br/2ba/1pkg w/d vu sfh may be, potential buyers might get confused, or worse just gloss over it and miss out on everything your listing has to offer!

Tip #4: Create and Upload a Floorplan

One thing that can be difficult for buyers to get a sense of is a property's layout. Even if you add a video (see below), it can still be tough. These days there are many inexpensive companies that will create a floorplan for you, or you can even create a rough one yourself. Once you've made it, upload it to your documents section on your single property website.

Tip #5: Create and Upload a Video

Even if you're on a budget, adding a video is relatively easy to do and gives your listing (and your marketing image!) a huge boost. You can purchase a low priced "flip" camcorder and do it yourself, or hire a local professional company for roughly $150-$400 per listing. Once it's made, just upload it to YouTube (www.youtube.com) and paste the link in the "add video" section when you're editing your single property website.

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