Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Agents

There you are, sitting at your desk, ready to get started selling real estate. Before you can sell real estate though, you'll need clients, and to get clients you'll need to do some marketing. Here are a few real estate marketing ideas to help you get started.

real estate marketing ideas

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1. Start a Micro-Farm

Farming in real estate is nothing new. Instead of picking a large farm and contacting each person every couple of months, consider picking a much smaller farm, perhaps 200 houses, and contact them frequently. Send them useful, timely information such as local activities, etc. This will help you to focus your re marketing to create a bigger impact on a smaller budget.

2. Try Holding Open Houses

Ken Brand wrote an excellent post on open houses, which is one of the best real estate marketing ideas I've come across. As with most things, the concept is simple but his thoughts on execution are what makes the difference.

3. Meet Your Neighbors

If you haven't already, now would be a great time to go out and knock on your neighbor's doors. Real estate is all about relationships, and it's a great excuse to be more social and get to know your neighbors. The main purpose should be to honestly get to know your neighbors, and you don't need to be overly "salesy" about your profession.

4. Put Your Entire Sphere in an Online CRM

CRM stand for Customer Relationship Manager. If you aren't already, then put them in a simple online CRM so you can keep track of everyone. That way, you can make sure you're staying in touch with everyone in your sphere. Many people now use Facebook to keep track of their sphere, which is also a good option. However, with Facebook it can be tougher to keep track of who you haven't been in touch with lately.

5. Focus on Inexpensive Online Marketing

Using a single property website as the hub of your online listing marketing can help you get a lot of marketing bang for your buck. They broadcast your listing to major sites such as trulia and zillow, and create nice flyers for printing, posting to craigslist, facebook, active rain and other sites.

Create Your Own Single Property Website In Less Than 4 Minutes.

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