How to Get Real Estate Referrals From Facebook

A couple simple steps you can take to increase your chances of getting referrals from Facebook.

There’s already a ton of articles out there on the importance of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You’ve already heard about the “why”. This article is about the “how”.


Every time you get a listing, post it to facebook. Don’t just mention the listing address in your status update. Make sure you link to the listing, preferably to it’s posting on your website, blog, or single property websites.

Higher end website and single property site providers have already formatted their site for Facebook. This means that that when you link to it, you get the great looking Facebook template you see above. This happens automatically with no work from you needed!

For those new to Facebook, the way to do this is to copy and paste the link to your listing in the box near the very top of your facebook homepage. It says “whats on your mind”. Enter whatever comment you’d like, then click the little image below the comment to enter a link.

Facebook post 1

Another way to get more real estate referrals from Facebook is to gently remind your social sphere that you’re in real estate.

Comment on the market occasionally. Make sure you do this sparingly - no more than once every 5 or so of your regular updates. No one likes to be bombarded with real estate sales talk, especially from their friends.

On the other hand, people do enjoy staying informed on the local market. Most importantly, this reminds your Facebook sphere that you sell real estate, so it’s on their minds.

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