Real Estate Drip Marketing Basics

What is Real Estate Drip Email Marketing? Should You Be Using It?

Drip email marketing means sending occasional emails to prospects over a long period of time - similar to drip watering of plants. The idea is that you consistently send prospects valuable news to stay in front of them. This is also called “incubating” prospects.

Done correctly, drip email marketing can keep your prospect funnel full without a lot of tedious effort on your part.

Set It And Forget It

The beauty of drip email marketing is that after you set it up, it works automatically. Here’s how it works:

  • - You write a series of emails to be sent in order, each spaced by a week or so. (This is by far the bulk of the work you’ll need to do).

  • - You copy and paste your emails into your drip email marketing provider’s forms (most email newsletter providers and real estate lead management companies offer some version of real estate drip email marketing).

  • - Many providers offer you default drip emails that are already prepared, but I think it’s a lot more effective to make the effort and write your own emails in your own personal voice. They're a great way to drive traffic to your single property websites

  • - You set the dates you’d like the emails to go out, and activate your campaign.

  • - Then just import or add prospect email addresses as you get them, and each prospect will start receiving your emails, starting with the first email and then spaced out according

In my drip email marketing campaign, I found linking to articles on topics such as “benefits of working with a buyers agent” or “things to look for when loan shopping”, etc. The key is to make sure you are providing value to your prospects - not just spamming them.

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