Win The Web 2.0 / Social Media Listing Presentation

Sellers don't care about social media; they care about getting it sold! How you can use social media to win more real estate listing presentations...

Many of our customers use single property websites to help them win listing presentations, which got me thinking about social media’s role in a listing presentation.

Beyond the basic CMA and company background, how large of a role should social media play, and most importantly, how much do sellers care?

We know from the 2008 NAR Profile of Sellers that the four most important things to sellers are that you help them price competitively, sell the home within a specific timeframe, help them find a buyer, and help them market the home.

The first part is covered by your CMA, and we can’t really control the second part. We can, however, help market the home and help them find a buyer. This is where social media comes in. Consider these examples of how you could frame your social media efforts in the context of helping to sell and market their home:

Facebook: I will post a professional looking listing to facebook for my social sphere to see, and provide you with a link to do the same.


Twitter: I will post a link to your listing for my followers to see, and I will also search twitter for any potential buyers mentioning your neighborhood and/ or street.

Craigslist: I will post a flyer similar to the one below every 4-5 days for maximum exposure on craigslist. I use a professional template that shows 7 photos instead of just 4, and presents your property in the best light possible.

Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, etc: Your listing will be syndicated to all these sites to ensure maximum exposure online.

Active Rain: Active Rain is the largest online real estate community in the world. I have a good reputation there, and I will make sure to mention your listing (when it’s appropriate) as often as possible.

My Website: My website gets x amount of targeted, local visitors per month, and I will feature your listing prominently on the homepage.

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