Real Estate Website, Blog, Or Both?

These days, does it make more sense to have a real estate website or blog? Or a combination?

It’s an interesting time in the real estate technology industry. For years, the market has been dominated by several real estate website providers, each charging several hundred dollars for setup then roughly $30-60 per month for a real estate website.

Then, blogs came on the scene. Many of them were (and still are) completely free, and many agents created a blog to complement their website.

Today, the blog company Wordpress has come to dominate the blog market and has turned into a full fledged blog platform. What does “platform” mean? It means that Wordpress has become so dominant, other companies have sprung up to provide products you can use with Wordpress, such as great looking themes, plugins, and all sorts of little bits of functionality.

Which is where it gets interesting. Wordpress has gone way beyond just free blog software. It is now a fully featured Content Management System (CMS). It not only does everything your real estate website provider used to do, it usually does it better since it is open source.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, because as an active real estate agent I’m currently paying over $1,000 per year for my real estate websites. I already thought I was getting fleeced when times were flush - now I feel like I'm getting scalped. Wouldn’t it be nice to switch those websites over to Wordpress Real Estate Websites for free?

It would be, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I can purchase a theme for $50-$100, spend a few days setting it up, and then my only monthly costs will be a very low $5-10 a month in hosting fees (actually less, since I already have a hosting account with extra space).

If you’re interested in doing something similar, visit Wordpress or contact me (michael -at- and I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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