The Best iPhone Real Estate Apps

A review of some of the top iPhone Apps for Real Estate.

While iPhone apps for the real estate industry have been relatively slow to appear, there are now several "must haves" for any iPhone toting real estate agent. After all, there's nothing worse than driving by a house for sale with your clients that you know nothing about, only to have them pull out their iPhone for details. I should know, as I'm sorry to say I had that exact thing happen to me once! Most of these apps cover real estate search, but I've also included a few others that you might find helpful :

Zillow For The iPhone

Zillow's iPhone real estate app was one of the most eagerly anticipated and is one of the most advanced real estate apps available. It uses the phone's gps to provide you with a bird's eye view of your location, showing you Zestimates, homes for sale, and recently sold homes nearby. It's great when you're driving by an unfamiliar neighborhood and want to get a quick sense of the prices. As with Zillow's online service, there is a fair amount of feedback of inaccurate prices, but that's also the nature of the beast with such a massive database created from so many sources, and Zillow is constantly improving on their accuracy. Free on the iPhone.

Trulia For The iPhone

Trulia is another major player in the still nascent field of real estate apps. The main difference is that Trulia's app focuses on searching homes currently on the market, as opposed to past sales. They get their data the same way as does, by a combination of "scraping" real estate brokerage sites and also by direct feeds from some brokers. Because of this, it suffers from the same problem as Zillow in that it will never be as accurate as the MLS, and there a few reviews to that effect on the iTunes store. Overall, though, it's a solid, easy to use application and can be useful. Trulia is also big on real estate iphone apps, so we can likely expect those type of features to be added to the iPhone app in the future. Free on the iPhone.

Loan Calculator Pro

Sometimes it's not about who has the most complex calculator or endless options, it's about something quick and easy. When you're in the middle of a conversation with clients and they want a ballpark figure of their loan payment, it doesn't really make sense to put everything on hold for 3 minutes while you create a complete financial profile for them. Instead, this simple calculator does the trick perfectly, falling into that perfect sweet spot between an off-the-cuff guess and TMI when answering client loan questions. It's also extremely intuitive, with simple fields to enter the loan amount and interest rate, unlike more complex calculators which mimic regular financial calculators in their appearance. Cost is $0.99

While there's still no single property websites app for the iPhone yet, the above three apps are a great place to start. If you have any additional suggestions, let us know!

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