3 Innovative Ways to Use Video in Real Estate

Unique ways you can start using video in your daily real estate career to generate more business!

Video is one of the fastest growing areas in real estate, though it’s still used by relatively few agents. Some ways to use video, such as when selling a listing, are obvious, while others aren’t.

Instead of waiting for the herd to use video, why not get started right now? These 3 ways to use video in real estate can increase your value proposition to current clients and help you win new ones by breaking the mold and using video in innovative ways!

1. Take Mini-Videos of Clients for Testimonials

We all know the power of great testimonials from past clients. And we also know just how powerful a medium video can be. Why not take a casual 45-60 second video of your clients providing a testimonial?

You don’t need a lot of setup - you can even do it while meeting them at the property they are buying or selling. Ask first, and be sure to let them know they’ll have a chance to review and approve of any video. Just come up with 2-3 questions to prompt them, and use your laptop camera or a Flip, iPhone camera, etc.

Once you have several of these, you can edit them in to a great looking video resume! Or, post them one at a time on your real estate social media sites!

2. Neighborhood Video Tours

If you’re looking to increase your relocation and out of town buyer business, adding neighborhood video tours is a great way to do it. Because video is still so new in real estate, you’ll find that very few of your competitors offer video on their websites.

This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. You can do it yourself with a simple camera such as the Flip video camera. Just choose 5-10 locations in a neighborhood, and then slowly pan the camera around each location - don’t bother speaking as you can add audio later. If you have a Mac, you can then use iMovie to trim the footage and add your audio.

You can also post these to real estate video sites such as Welcome Mat, and also to your single property websites.

3. Take Mini-Videos of Hot Listings During Broker Tour

Pick just one or two of your favorite listings when you’re out on broker tour, and take a quick 60 second video as you walk through the main areas of the house. These are great to send to current clients - and you can post them on your website to let potential clients know how active you are.

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