Why Single Property Websites?

While satisfying clients and providing great service is your main goal, it takes marketing to find those clients in the first place.

"Why bother with a single property website when I've already posted on my local MLS and on my website?"

It's a common question. The current assumption is that getting maximum exposure is the only thing to focus on when it comes to selling a listing. This is similar to a large company only caring about how many people watch their commercial, while completely ignoring the quality of their commercial and the quality of the message it sends about their product. Make no mistake: real estate is about marketing, and marketing is about controlling the message you send to potential customers... not just buyers, but potential seller clients who pay close attention to your marketing efforts.

Because Marketing Matters.

For real estate agents, our product is our listing first and foremost, and as a secondary function we are also trying to sell ourselves and the quality of our services to future potential buyer and seller clients. We need our listing (and ourselves) to stand out from the market, and the way to stand out is by going above and beyond. Offering your sellers custom single property websites helps you to stand out, and buyers will also notice. Think of open houses: oftentimes buyers pick the agent they work with from meeting them at an open house, based off the skill and professionalism of the hosting agent. Those agents who put in the effort with more signs, staging, brochures, snacks/ refreshments etc, not surprisingly find they win more new clients from their open houses than average agents with average open houses do. They don't just sit there: they control the presentation and they try to generate leads at every step of the way. The same logic applies with your listings online: do you just slap them up or do you want to control the message and generate leads?

Because Controlling the Message Matters.

Single property websites let you control the message, allowing you to highlight the home's greatest strengths and without maximum description lengths or a tiny photo limit. Buyers don't just buy a home for its bedroom count or location: it is an emotional decision made from a variety of big and small factors. All good real estate agents know that even seemingly trivial factors such as the smell of a home can make an outsize impact on buyers. Knowing that, why sacrifice control over your listing's presentation to the MLS? If presentation didn't matter, why do products have colorful packaging instead of plain cardboard boxes? Even Apple's simple white packaging is still making a statement: that they are sleek and simple and hip (and you can be too if you buy what's in the box.

Because Generating Leads Matters.

Another benefit to single property websites is that they put everything in one place in a very portable package. When buyers are close to making a decision, they'll almost always want to show the property to friends and family for feedback. A single property website with a custom domain is the easiest way to share the listing, by email, over the phone, etc, because it is easy for the buyers to remember and they don't need to be by a computer to share it. Even more single property site advantages can be read about here.

There has been a fair amount of debate in the real estate industry about single property websites, and I think it's fair to question the value of any new product offered. The reason I designed My Single Property Websites is because I am a firm believer in the their value, and wanted to make the cleanest, simplest, and best looking single property website out there. Try us out with a free trial, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any feedback or questions.

Michael LaPeter

Founder, My Single Property Websites
Direct: 415-830-7804
Email: [email protected]

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