The Premier Single Property Site.

Built from the ground up for the newest generation of mobile devices. Full Screen Photos & Video. Go beyond the slideshow and tell the story of the home & neighborhood.

The Largest Photos of Any Property Site

high end single property site

Photos aren't just part of your property site; they're the main reason visitors are there. We put your property photos front and center, with the largest default photo slideshow of any property site available. The photos fill the browser from edge to edge, whether it's a computer, tablet, or mobile device. It's touch-enabled, so visitors can quickly swipe through the photos on an ipad, iphone, or any other touch-enabled device.

Video, Front And Center

single property site with video

These days high definition photos aren't enough to stand out from the crowd. If you really want to impress your seller and potential clients, add video to your property site.

We make it easy: just take a video with your iphone or smartphone, and upload it to Youtube. Then add the youtube embed code to your property site, and we'll automatically resize and format the video to fill the entire screen. Don't settle for a tiny embedded video, proudly show off your video front and center.

Tell A Story On The Details Page

high end single property site

A big part of the reason top agents use property sites is to go further and deeper than the MLS allows. Take your visitors beyond the photos on our "Details" page. When you upload your photos, you have the option to add a short or long description to each photo. Each photo that has a description automatically appears on the details page, letting you take visitors on a guided tour through the home.

You can point out those special features such as appliances or finishes. Or explain the significance of architectural details such as custom woodwork or hardware. Or simply walk a potential buyer through the home with your words, telling them about what makes each room special.

Show Buyers The Neighborhood

high end single property site

Location, location, location... you've heard it many times for a reason! Buyer's aren't just looking at the home, they're looking at the location. Go beyond just a map, by including photos of the neighborhood on our new "neighborhood" page. You can easily find photos of neighborhood hotspots online (get permission first), or ask your photographer to take 3-4 extra photos of hotspots such as a local park, shops or restaurants.

Adding the photos to your property site is simple. Just upload them along with your property photos, then check a box next to each that says "neighborhood photo". They'll appear on your neighborhood page. You can even add a short or long description to each photo, so you can tell potential buyers all about their new 'hood!